A.B. Dance - Best Dance Studio in Markham


Praise from our Fans

Just wanted to say thank you to you, Andrea, Miss Thomas, Kristy and all the AB Dance staff for a fun recital weekend. Our whole family really enjoyed the weekend!  I am truly amazed and in awe of the work and coordination of the whole show and how you all pull it off so seamlessly!!!

— Carolyn (mother of Victoria, Emma & Madeline)

Both of my girls have been at A.B. Dance for 13 years.  I highly recommend A.B. Dance to everyone looking for a great dance studio.   My girls have worked with outstanding teachers and have met life long friends.   Thank you to AB for all your hard work!

— Dena (mother of Victoria & Alexia)

My daughter Ama has been with AB Dance for 5 years now. She started off in recreational dance and is now in full time competitive. Since then Ama has made some wonderful friends, the teachers are truly amazing and she simply loves it. Being at AB has given Ama the confidence to be on stage and perform various dance routines. Being part of a team is a wonderful learning experience. As a parent I also have met some great people and get such pleasure in watching my daughter dance. Thanks AB!

— Sharma (mother of Ama)

Thank you Andrea, Ashley and all the teaching staff at AB Dance for contributing to and making Alessia’s dance experience one we will always treasure for years to come.

All the years at AB Dance have developed her skills and enabled her to get into the University program of her choice (BFA Dance).

It has been such a fulfilling journey that she has chosen the dance industry as a career.

If we had to do it all over again, it would definitely be with AB Dance.

The Prosperi Family

— The Prosperi Family

Sienna is A.B. Dance's #1 fan! Its a fun atmosphere and she loves the teachers.  Sienna looks forward to dance every week! 

— Denika (mother of Sienna)

When Zoe and Noelle started dancing at AB Dance, it was what they looked forward to every weekend. But it was actually the recital that was most unforgettable to them.  There, they saw all different forms of dance performed at different ages and levels, and understood that with practice, they could do it too.
Now on summer break at home, they go to their closets, put on their costumes, and perform shows for us in their play room. With a synthesizer for music, they re-create ballet, jazz and Bollywood routines!
In planning activities for next year, there’s no question; my kids want to dance. The question is now how many classes can they take…?

— Nadia (mother of Zoe & Noelle)

Taijah started dancing very young, but was always very shy. We tried a couple studios but didn't have the greatest experiences. What a difference with AB Dance! This is Taijahs second year with AB we're loving it. She is not the shy kid she once was. Not only is she on stage competing and winning gold, her confidence and dance ability has improved dramatically. Her confidence level has impacted not just her dancing but all aspects of her life-notably academics. I credit the great instructors at AB and the family atmosphere that got her out of her shell! Thanks so much!

— Shannon (mother of Taijah)

"My daughter Emily has  "grown up at AB Dance", starting with the Parent and Tot class 7 years ago.  She has enjoyed being a part of the competitive team for the past 3 years. Emily loves to dance! The teachers at AB have fostered this love and have provided Emily with opportunities to perform based on her interests and passions. She has learned how to dance, but much more than that she continues to enhance her self-confidence, self-esteem and has made exceptional friendships that she will take forward with her. I have also appreciated the ability to talk with the AB teachers about Emily's interests and her experiences - the support, guidance and care they provide is absolutely amazing. We would highly recommend AB Dance!"


— Kerri (mother of Emily)

At the tender age of 2, my little Ayanna, a performer by nature, began dancing around the house and it was only natural to enroll her in Dance School. Having chosen AB Dance, this has allowed Ayanna to develop her talents in the classes and she’s often still practicing at home. Having that desire to learn and love of dance, Ayanna takes it to the next level by watching recital videos and mirroring the moves of the competitive dancers. This year marks our third year with AB Dance, and Ayanna still can’t get enough! Every Saturday morning, it’s “Can we go to my dance classes so I get Miss Lauren and Miss Kristy to teach me new dances?” Ayanna simply adores her teachers and loves to dance, and she cannot wait to start Jazz and Acro in September. Looking forward to new dances, new classes and new experiences!


— Jennifer (mother of Ayanna)