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Dance Classes

Fun and Challenging Classes

Acrobatics Ballet Hip Hop Hip Hop (Boys) Jazz Lyrical Mini Dance Musical Theatre Pointe Stretch & Strength Tap Combo Tumbling Contemporary Turning


A combination of dance and gymnastics. Dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.



The Royal Academy Of Dance method is taught leading to improved poise, grace, and balance. Ballet includes the technical skills necessary for all types of dance.


Hip Hop

This high energy class not only improves physical fitness, but rhythm and self confidence as well. Dance to the latest music and learn all the moves from today's music videos!


Hip Hop (Boys)

This all boys class is a combination of Hip Hop and Breakdancing.



This energetic class works to improve technique, stamina, and flexibility. Every style of jazz is incorporated from contemporary to funk.



The beauty of ballet and the strength of jazz. This class develops control and balance through emotion and interpretation of music.


Mini Dance

Designed for children 2 - 4 years of age, this introductory class develops rhythm, balance, and coordination. Basic Jazz and Ballet fundamentals are incorporated into fun classes.


Musical Theatre

The ultimate in performance through dance and theatre. Characterization and dances are often inspired by music from movies and musicals. If you have ever dreamed of Broadway this is the class for you.



An advanced level of ballet using a hard-toed shoe. Pointe helps to improve a dancer's strength and grace.


Stretch & Strength

This class works to improve the dancer's strength and flexibility. Stretch & Strength is mandatory for all competitive Jazz and Acro students.



Works to improve dancers musicality, rhythm, and precision. Students will learn technique, terminology, and various styles of tap.



Combo classes are a great way for dancers to try to syles of dance within the same class. Dancers in the jazz tap combo class will perform a tap dance for the recital.



Dancers work to learn and perfect gymnastic skills while also improving their strength and flexibility through conditioning. The advanced tumbling classes work on learning and perfecting tumbling skills including aerials, handsprings, back tucks, etc.



Contemporary dance is the name for a modern concert dance genre. It is not a specific dance technique but a collection of methods developed from modern and post-modern dance and can take on many forms including dance fusion, emergent dance and revisionism.



This class is for competitive dancers. Dancers work to improve technique with a variety of turns.